+ How do I sign up?
Go to AlchemCharts.com and click the Register button located at the top of the home page. After registering, or if you have previously already registered, sign in and follow the instructions to install AlchemCharts. After successfully registering, you will receive an email from Morningstar containing your log in and password.
+ Does AlchemCharts work on an Apple/Mac?
AlchemCharts is not Mac compatible. Although, many users have used AlchemCharts using s VM such as Parallels or VMWare.
+ Does AlchemCharts work on a phone?
AlchemCharts does not work on a phone. If you would like to be more mobile with your trading, check out a Windows Tablet such as the Windows Surface Pro.
+ I can’t log in.
If you are receiving an error message while trying to log on, make sure you are using the same email and password you use at AlchemCharts.com. Also, verify that you are not including the single quotes surrounding your Morningstar username and password. If you continue having trouble, please contact us at support@alchemcharts.com.
+ Some of the moving averages I use are missing. How do I find them?
AlchemCharts comes standard with the 55 and 233 period moving averages as well as the Christmas Cross moving averages. If you want to include any of the other moving averages taught in class, right click a chart, select “Chart Preferences”, click the “Indicators” tab, and increase the thickness of the moving averages from 0 (invisible). Most users use thickness of 4.
+ Can I get other moving averages or indicators?
Please contact support@alchemcharts.com if you wish to add any indicators not associated with Wall Street Basics of the Survivor Series.
+ How do I increase the font on the chart or Quote Sheet?
If you right click the chart or quote sheet and select “Chart Preferences” or “Settings” you can increase and decrease the font size as desired.
+ How do I increase/decrease the size of the candles?
Click the “Increase candle width”and the “Decrease candle width”buttons located at the top right toolbar to change the width of the candles.
+ How do I increase the spacing between candles?
Click the “Increase candle spacing”and the “Decrease candle spacing”buttons located at the top right toolbar to change the spacing between candles.
+ How do I change the color or thickness of the indicators?
Right click a chart, select “Chart Preferences”, click the “Indicators” tab, and increase the thickness of the moving averages from 0 (invisible). Most users use thickness of 4.
Change the color by clicking the drop down and selecting a color.
+ How do I increase the vertical height of the candles?
While holding the CTRL button, click and hold the price pane on the right side of the chart and drag it up for increase the height and down to decrease the height.
+ How do I draw lines?
Click the drawing tools located near the middle of the top toolbar and stamp the lines on the chart. We recommend the horizontal line for support, resistance and purple lines.
+ How do I change the color and thickness of the drawing tools?
Right click a line and select “Settings” the change the thickness and color of that single line. Right click the line button located on the toolbar and select “Settings” to change the color and thickness of the lines you draw.
+ How do I clone lines?
Right click a line and select "Clone" to make the line appear on all charts for that symbol.
+ How do I Import a quote sheet?
Right click a quote sheet and select “Import/Append Symbols” to import and append a list of symbols to your current list of symbols. Or select “Import/Replace Symbols” to import and replace the current symbols with your imported symbols.
+ How do I move my workspace between my main computer and my secondary computer?
We recommend that you move your entire AlchemCharts folder (located in C:\). If you want to streamline this process, sign up for a free cloud service such as Box, OneDrive, iCloud. Download and move the contents of AlchemCharts to cloud folder and use that folder when saving and opening workspaces. Make sure to download that cloud service on your secondary computer and point to the same files located on the cloud folder. No more needing to email workspace files back and forth.
+ How do I use the Notes Tool?
Click the Notesbutton located on the top toolbar to create a Notes window. Type any note into the note window and it will automatically save so that the next time you refer to the symbol the note will still be there. We recommend that you keep the note window open near your quote sheets.
+ What happened to the highlights?
We turned the highlight’s default position to off. If you are interested in trying them out, right click a chart, select “Chart Preferences”, select the "Highlights" tab, and check the boxes next to the highlights you wish to see. We recommend you use these at your own discretion and trust your perception before you trust the highlights.
+ What other columns are offered on the Quote Sheet?
If you right click a quote sheet and select “Settings” you can activate the comments, Industry, Sector columns. We use these because they are the most beneficial to most users. If there are columns that you wish to be included let us know and we can include them.
+ How do I use Go To Date?
You can click the Go To Datebutton located in the top toolbar or use CTRL + F. Change the date and click "OK" to take the chart back to the indicated date. Check the “All Charts” checkbox to take all of the charts back to the indicated date.
+ How do I Hide Noise?
Click the Hide Noisebutton located on the top toolbar to remove all moving averages and Bollinger bands and candles so that you can get a better look at the Christmas Cross (red and green) lines.
+ How do sync the charts so they scroll together?
Hold down the ALT key and hit or keys or use the scroll wheel to move all the charts at the same time. The charts will move at the rate of the selected chart.
+ How do I get a chart to not change symbols?
Click the ‘S’ in the bottom left corner of a chart to create a link. All charts that are linked to the same color will change together and the charts not linked will not change unless focused first.
+ How do I use Earnings List?
Click the Earnings button located on the top toolbar. This will display all earnings that will occur in the next three weeks and all earnings that have occurred in the past three weeks. Click the “Show Only Symbols in the Quote Sheet” button to filter out all earnings that are not on one of your quote sheets.
+ How do I use Splits List?
Click the Splits button located on the top toolbar. This will display all splits that have been announced, that have been executed in the last 5 days, and that have been executed in the last 9 weeks.
+ What are the arrows and numbers on the charts?
The arrows with the numbers separated by the forward slash represents where earnings were released and the result followed by the estimate. The arrows with numbers separated by “for” represent a split and the split ratio.
+ I am having trouble downloading the latest update. What do I do?
If you do not have the latest version of AlchemCharts, please close and reopen. You will be prompted to download the latest version. If for some reason you are not prompted, please locate the Installer.exe located in C:\Program Files\AlchemCharts (unless moved elsewhere).
+ Have you improved performance since launch?
Yes. We recently moved all of our data to a server that does all of the processing before it hits your computer. This way we can make sure that all the data is accurate and all of the indicators are available before you even select a symbol.
+ I have a feature request. Where do I report this?
If there is any ideas you have that will help you become a better trader, just let us know at support@alchemcharts.com
+ I am encountering an issue, who should I talk to?
Before contacting support, make sure you are using the latest version. You can check by closing and reopening AlchemCharts.
If you are having any issues with AlchemCharts do not hesitate to email us. Let us know what issues you run into so we can help you before you decide if AlchemCharts is not right for you.
Please refrain from contacting Morningstar or anyone associated with Wall Street Basics or the Survivor Series. They will not be able to help you.
+ Do you offer phone support?
We are a very small company and some of us have full time jobs on top of working on AlchemCharts. We do not have the capabilities to offer phone support at this time.
+ How does AlchemCharts compare to other charting tools?
AlchemCharts caters exclusively to student’s who have taken the Wall Street Basics or Survivor Series seminars. All features were included and adapted to better suit these traders. Using our ten years of experience taking these classes, we were able to customize AlchemCharts and create unmatched performance, accuracy, and exclusive features. Every student will benefit from using AlchemCharts compared to others.
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