Using Your Charts
Using Your Quote Sheets
Using Your Drawing Tools
Tracking Tools
Data Tools
Using Your Charts
Using Your Quote Sheets
Using Your Drawing Tools
Tracking Tools
Data Tools

Creating Charts

Click the New Chart button and select the time frame you'd like. Charts can be created in Weekly, Daily, 233 minute, 144 minute, and 89 minute intervals and come preloaded with all of the indicators you'll need. Demo

Go To Date

Click the Go To Date button or type CTRL + F to bring up the Go To Date Window. Select "Update All Charts" to take all charts to the desired date. Demo

Synced Scrolling

While holding the ALT key, hit the left and right arrow keys or scroll the mouse wheel up and down to navigate all charts at once. Demo

All Sessions

While focusing on a particular chart, click the All Sessions button to show after market prices.

Toggling Noise

Click the Hide/Show Noise button to hide all of the noisy indicators so you can spot the perfect Straight Line Information. Demo.

Customize Charts

While focusing on a chart, click the Chart Preferences button to bring up the Chart Preferences Window to be able to change colors and sizes of items in the chart. Set these preferences as the default so that you wont have to change these for each chart.


Events that you should be aware of will automatically be displayed on each chart. While focusing on a chart, click the Chart Settings button to bring up the Chart Settings Window. Select the Highlights tab to change the highlight options.

Creating Quote Sheet

Click the Quote Sheet button to create a new Quote Sheet.

Customize Quote Sheet

Right click a Quote Sheet and select Settings to open the Quote Sheet Settings window and change the data colors and font of the Quote Sheet. Add Sector, Industry, or Comments columns to better organize your Quote Sheet.

Navigate Quote Sheet

Select stock symbol to display stock on charts. Press Spacebar to navigate to the next stock symbol. Drag and Drop symbols to move them in the quote sheet or to another quote sheet.


Click the drawing tools to draw colored lines on the chart.

Customize Drawing Tools

Right click on the drawing tool and click Settings to open the Drawing Tools Settings window where you can edit color and width of the drawing tools.

Cloning and Deleting Lines

Right click a line on the chart and select Clone to Clone the line to other charts. Select Delete to delete the line. Demo

Note Window

Click the Notes button to open the Note window. Note window will display note for selected stock. Use this tool to track notes you make on the stock the night before trading.

Flag Stamp

Click Flag button and click on the chart to place a flag. Hover cursor over flag to view contents. Right click flag to change flag notes, Clone or Delete flag.


Click Set Alert button to open Alert window. Set alerts for when stocks hit a certain price, support or resistence line.

Earnings Window

Click Earnings button to open Earnings window. Earnings are organized by Release Date, and the Earnings window only displays stocks who will release earnings in the next 20 days or have released earnings in the past 20 days.

Splits Window

Click Splits button to open Splits window. Splits are organized by Execute Date, and the Splits window only displays stocks who have not yet split or who have split in the last 45 days.

Hot List

Click Hot List to view the highest gainers and losers of the day.

Options Chain

Click the Options Chain button to launch the Options Chain window and view options for the selected stock.

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